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Grant Guidelines

The mission of Yoga Dana Foundation is to support yoga in underserved communities


Yoga Dana Foundation invests in grantees that have a deep commitment to yoga and the sharing of its benefits. The Foundation defines yoga as a practice that encourages self-reflection and inner-awareness through pranayama, meditation, asana, and self-study. The foundation values:


In its main grants program, Yoga Dana Foundation supports organizations that:

  1.   Provide yoga to groups of people who would otherwise not have access to yoga
  2.   Are charitable in purpose
  3.   Are an established 501(c)(3), or are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3)
  4.   Have direct impact (bring yoga, as defined above, directly to targeted community)
  5.   Have a broad purpose and impact (projects have the potential to be modeled/replicated)
  6.   Are effective (have a history of excellence and credibility in the field)
  7.   Are sustainable (have other sources of funding and are financially stable)
  8.   Are located and carry out projects in one of the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area*

In its seed grants program, Yoga Dana Foundation sets aside a percentage of funding to provide small grants to groups that:

Yoga Dana Foundation does not fund the following:

Yoga Dana Foundation believes that long-term relationships with grantees are the most effective, but does not commit to any extended period of funding other than the year in which funding is awarded. Each applicant, whether new or returning, is reviewed equally each grantmaking cycle.


For unsolicited inquiries:

Please complete the Letter of Intent (LOI) in detail, but as concisely as possible at yogadanafoundation.org. Assuming Yoga Dana Foundation has sufficient funding available, LOI applicants who best meet our criteria and further our mission will be invited to complete a grant application.

For invited applications:

Applicants will receive separate instructions at the time of your invitation. Selected first-time grant applicants will be invited to share their project in person with our Board of Directors, after which point final awardees will be selected. Unfortunately, Yoga Dana Foundation is unable to cover the applicants' cost of travel to meet with our Board members. Please refer to the following calendar for deadlines and for the general timeline of this process.

Application & Grantmaking Calendar :

New Applicants


Returning Applicants


Letter of Intent Completed and Sent

By July 15th

Progress Report/Renewal Application Issued

On June 1st

Invitation to Complete Grant Application Issued

On August 1st

Progress Report/Application Completed and Sent

By September 1st

Grant Application Completed and Sent

By September 1st

Award Letters and Checks Issued

In December

Invitation to Meet the Board Members Issued

On October 1st

Meet the Board Members

In November

Award Letters and Checks Issued

In December

* The nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area are Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma.