Healing Yoga Foundation

HYF’s mission is to bring the healing benefits of yoga to underserved and health-affected populations who otherwise would not have access to these life-changing tools for support.

At the San Francisco Veterans Hospital we hold a twice-weekly stress management class for veterans with co-occuring substance use disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder. Our goal is to help reduce symptoms, support sobriety and improve overall health.

Program participants are disabled veterans of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, and suffer from stress, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse. Veterans facing PTSD/SUD deal with a range of quality-of-life reducing symptoms including insomnia, nightmares, irritability and anger, insecurity, reluctance to be in crowds, feeling unsafe, hyper-arousal, and sensitivity to pain. Because of these symptoms veterans typically experience impairment in many dimensions of their lives including work, daily chores, and their relationships to themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

Here is what a Veterans Hospital manager says concerning the impact of HYF’s PTSD program: "Thus far, the results of this class have been impressive. Veterans have expressed tremendous gratitude...Reported improvements include better pain management, decreased irritability and anger/rage, including less anger while driving and improved conflict resolution with spouses, decreased anxiety, improved blood pressure, and improved balance. Veterans have reported using the techniques outside of session to effectively cope with a variety of stressful situations."