home base






Organization and Mission:

HomeBase is California's public policy law firm on homelessness. Our purpose is to end homelessness, prevent its recurrence, and decrease its effect on communities. Our approach is twofold: identifying and analyzing the causes of homelessness and developing and implementing long-term solutions that remove these causes. We work with service providers, local communities, public and nonprofit sectors, and homeless people to implement these solutions.

Funded Project:

In collaboration with the social service and housing agency “BOSS” (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency), the Rosa Parks Transitional House, and Piedmont Yoga Studio Community Programs, Marty Fleetwood, Executive Director of HomeBase, has been teaching free yoga classes designed for homeless people in Alameda County, many of whom live with disabilities, guiding them on a path to health and well-being by teaching them the basics of yoga. These Yoga for You classes started in the fall of 2008 and will continue into 2010 in three-week sessions.