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Learning to Listen: Yoga for Seniors Program

Learning To Listen Yoga & Meditation Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community. Our mission is to develop an institution to teach, educate the public about, and disseminate tools for conscious living, including, but not limited to, material relating to yoga, meditation, sound, various physical disciplines, and the visual arts, through publications, lectures, classes, and retreats.

In an effort to make yoga available to populations that otherwise would not have access to consistent practice, Yoga for Seniors was created as a holistically-minded program designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of seniors, and to do so via providing them the highest quality instruction in movement, breathing, and meditation practices appropriate to the varying ages and abilities of this population. Currently, bi-weekly classes are offered at El Cerrito Royale and the Berkeley Pines Center, both of which are located in San Francisco's East Bay.

Along with the physical and health benefits of the yoga practice, our program provides seniors with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and joy towards life by being present and aware in the moment. In addition, the classes create a space for building community among like-minded people who wish to focus on wellness and deepen their self-awareness. Joe who is turning 90 this year who's wife is at Berkeley Pines after a stroke says, "I can breathe a lot better, I don't choke as much and I am working on touching my toes". Debrah Muse - programs director at Berkeley Pines Center says, "The thing that I love about this program is that all the residents get involved, all the residents love it and look forward to it".

To learn more about the program, volunteer opportunities, or inquire about starting a yoga for seniors program at your facility visit our website Learning To Listen.