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Youth Yoga Dharma

Youth Yoga Dharma offers programs on site, free of charge, for youth, staff, and parents at schools and youth organizations in San Francisco. In addition, YYD provides weekly classes for girls in a homeless shelter for families, and for parents on welfare through collaboration with a job training program. We embrace diversity in our community. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds to fully participate in our programs to the best of their ability. We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, socio-economic background, ethnicity or physical ability.

YYD was founded by Cator Shachoy who began the practices of yoga, Buddhist meditation, and energy healing in 1991, as the result of chronic illness. The inspiration to start YYD came out of her experience of teaching yoga in both public and private junior and senior high schools in San Francisco. 

YYD has partnered with the following organizations:

Edgewood Center for families and children
Leadership High school
Lowell High School
Gateway High School
Urban High School
Rooftop Junior High
Town School for Boys Summer School
School of the Arts/ Academy of Arts & Sciences joint campus
Thurgood Marshall High School
Creative Arts Charter School
Raphael House Homeless Shelter
Florence Crittendon Services' LEAP Program
Washington High School
Parent University, Hunter's View
James Denman Middle School

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Youth Yoga Dharma has been a grant recipient of Yoga Dana Foundation since 2004.